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Eminence: The Child of Erebus
The Child of Erebus

Chapter 17



“Ahhhh where did you go? Are you under the bed… Raaah!” Growling at the cub, it crouches even lower under the bed and gives a small bark. I scoop it up in my hand and chuckle as I feel little bites on my hand.  Placing him on the bed, I lay on my stomach and get eye level with him. Growling at him, he crouches again wih his front legs while his butt wiggles in the air, gently swiping at his face I get him to bare his teeth. Showing my fangs he gets excited and timidly with it’s right paw reaches to swipe at my face. Holding it’s snout in my hand, he whips his head back and forth and starts growling, letting him go, I swipe at it’s body and knock him over onto his side.

Placing my hand on it’s belly I begin to rock him back and forth, opening it’s mouth trying to bite at me, it makes gasping like noises instead of barks failing to bite at my hand.  Lowering my face, I roar in his tiny face.  If I didn’t know any better I could’ve swore he started smiling as he went still. Roaring again, he kicks his hind legs out and tries to mimic me, only a tiny growl escapes it’s mouth.

While the cub is practicing its roar, a scent caught my attention.  Lifting my hed and gazing towards the balcony, I head toward it with the cub in my hand. Opening the doors, the scent hit me like a brick wall.. without even a second thought a low menancing growl escaes from my throat.  The cub yaps in excitement, “no play this time little guy.”

          Placing the young cub down on the ground after landing the jump, Junho senses a whole pack.  Calmly walking to the back of the dwelling with the cub following.  Turning the corner entering the courtyard, Junho sees that it’s filled with Lycans that he has never seen before, which explains the new scent.  Simchi turns around to face with a big grin on his face, as Ty turns around and nods at Junho.  Nodding his head in approval, “not bad at all. It’s a lot more than I expected.”

“Yea well we didn’t come here that easily,” Junho looks over the at the person that’s stepping towards him. From his assessment, he notes that he’s an Alpha, looking back at Ty who turns his head away from the situation. “You see, we’re coming here with some rules for you Vampire dickheads.” Junho aslo turns his head away as he lets out a laugh. Not saying anything, faces forward again, he let’s this Alpha continue to speak, humoring him.  “One, I’m the leader of this pack. Two, they take orders from me. Three,  the first chance i—-“

“Lemme guess, you’ll kill me?” The Alpha’s knees buckle under him and he falls to the ground, clutching  at his head, from the intense ringing. “You may be the leader of your pack, but you see. I control you, you, you, and you,” pointing at each person. “I control all of you and if you don’t like it, I’ll kill you no questions asked. Therefore, you all must show Ty and Simchi respect, as well as my brothers when they return. And you damn sure will show me respect. Understood?”


Earth Realm


Constantly grabbing at Jhanada’s arm, trying to get her attention as they walk through the crowd.  Giving a slight yank, she stops walking, “what Cedez damn!?”

“Challenger goes against winner, Chris is the next challenger right?”

“Okay and?”

“Look!” Mercedez physically turns Jhanada’s head towards the ring to get a look at the guaranteed winner of this round.

Dragging out a single word, “fuck,” she and Mercedez rushes back towards the others…

“Withdraw the challenger, something came up.”

“She has no authority, keep him on the list.  Facing Jhanada, Laz walks through the crowd up to the announcing table “what do you think you’re doing?”

“Keeping one of your boys alive,” pointing at the man in the ring, “we grew up with him, he doesn’t fight to win. He fights to kill. Take Chris off the list now.”


“Look idiot! Is he more useful to you dead or alive? Your choice.”  Jhanada grabs Mercedez hand, knowing she’s ready to swing on Laz.

Looking the both of the girls over, he makes his decision, “take him off. You both owe me fight.”

The crowd’s cheers grow louder causing everyone to turn their attention back to the ring.  Inside the ring the fight starts to come to a close, with Tank tossing his opponent to the floor. Walking around his opponent Tank watches as he stands up gathering his balance.  Switching his stance, Tank prepares as his opponent comes charging at him.  Quickly stepping to the side, Tank kicks at his shin, connecting with the ankle. With that much force a cracking sound can be heard as the bones in the ankle break, causing the crowd to let out a wave roars.  Falling to his knees again, Tank takes the time to land a solid back spin kick to his head, snapping it as well. The referee quickly entering the ring, calling Tank back as he checks for a pulse, not finding one he raises Tank’s arm in victory. Scanning the crowd, Tank’s eyes find another two sets of a pair of eyes.



Un-wrapping the tape from my wrists I hear a knock at the door, “it’s open!”

“Well, well, well, look at what we have here.”

“If it isn’t the double mint twins! You two still together?” I shake my head as Jhanada makes a face.

“Please! She ain’t going nowhere even if she wanted to,” Mercedez said.

“I thought I was the Dom in this relationship?”

“You wish boo,” this time I didn’t even try to hold my laughter as Mercedez smacks Jha on the ass causing her to yell in pain.

“You two ain’t never going to change huh?”

“Ya damn straight! So why are you here?”

“Rude! Mercedez, just rude”.

“Don’t act like you don’t wanna know, so answer the question the question.”

“Y’all a mess, I swear it don’t even feel like seventeen years have passed, but yea. Mikado was killed, found out the Demonata was involved in it and I’m here trying to piece shit together.”

“Are you serious? How’s Jihoon and Junho, how are they holding up?”

“Junho’s alright, you know that boy weird, he didn’t show no type of emotion,” Jhanada smiles as she shakes her hand in her hand. “ Jihoon on the hand, is a different story. You know Mikado raised him, then on top of that he inherited all this power, figuratively and psychically. So he’s… Kind of weird too.”

“You found out that the Demonata killed him, but why would they?”

“They personally didn’t kill them,” talking to Mercedez. “These creatures did, pale bastards, living up to the Vampire myth the humans created. Their jaws unhinged and everything, it was nasty. They don’t talk, unless that’s what it seemed like, but one did draw the Demonata symbol in the dirt when I questioned it.” I noticed Jha staring off into space as I’m talking.

“Jha, what is it?”


“Who the hell is Thomas?”

“It matches up with what he told me and Sticky the other day.”

“Looks like you and Mr. Thomas needs to have another talk then.”

“One of you tell me what the fuck is going on!

“You go back to Erebus and tell your clan that some crazy shit about to go down. The Demonata, is starting trouble again, but this time, it’s against their will. They’re doing it for someone else.”

These two were always into some type of trouble, why am I not surprised they know about this too. Jihoon, the fuck is your girl into?

The Child of Erebus

Chatper 15

Myself and two of the young bloods are the only ones left after that attack on the Kobejitsu clan. Jihoon advised me to go on a lookout for more Lycans to reform my pack. Quite frankly I didn’t care too, but he was dead set on getting our numbers back up, especially because we were the only pack in Erebus. For the first time I had to put my foot down and defy Junho’s wishes, he had to stay in Erebus, he kept trying to sneak away with us. I wouldn’t be able to protect him in a place as big as Earth, with him disappearing to go off and do god knows what. 

So here I am, back on Earth after being run out by both vampire and humans.  Erebus was the only place where we could be left alone, free to roam and feed, and not worry about being hunted down. Although some decided to stay behind and tough it out on Earth, I don’t know how willing they’ll be to welcome us back.

After sniffing around the alley, one of the young bloods, Simchi as Junho named him turns around, “I smell them, they were here recently.”

 Kicking at the debris the ground, I see torn cloth and blood stains, “looks like feeding took place here.  Let’s go pay our brethren a little visit.”

“I hate the smell of her all over you,” I whisper in his ear but in a stern manner, then leave a small kiss on his ear lobe.

“You think I don’t?”

Rolling my eyes, “bullshit Laz you jumped at the opportunity when my mother came to you with the proposal, you didn’t seem to hate it then or now to be honest.”

He pushes himself up off the couch and turns to me obviously putting on an act, “you don’t know shit Vida! You’re not the one who has to pretend in front everyone that you actually care. I’ve told my father I didn’t want them here, they should’ve kept their ass’ in Erebus.  Always running around throwing it in everyone’s faces that they’re purebloods, fuck the pure bloods, they don’t run shit anymore!

“You may not care, but you still want her, I’m not dumb.” Getting up myself I take a couple steps and walk up to him, I may be a couple inches shorter than him but I still looked him square in the eye, “you want to make me believe that you don’t want her. Then do your job and kill them.”

“I will.”

“Good, and the next time you call yourself yelling and cursing at me will be the last time you ever breathe.  You can and will be replaced.” Letting my eyes glow emerald I reach up and stroke the side of his face. 


Catching his bottom lip between hers, she pulls at it as Kovu lifts her up and carries her to the bed.  Kissing him fully, Mercedez slides her tongue across his lip.  Separating his lips he allows her tongue access to his as the two mussels begin to wrestle, fighting for dominance.  Laying her down she breaks the kiss to scoot further up the bed, never breaking eye contact as her eyes turn pink, seducing him.

Relaxing back on the pillow biting her bottom lip, she watches as he pulls his shirt over his head.  Reaching out with her right hand, she slides it down his chest, digging her nails in leaving scratch marks in the process. Hovering over her Kovu leans down and kisses the side of her mouth before latching onto her neck.  His hands sliding down her sides and over her hips, his fingers hook themselves around the side of her panties, Mercedez lifts her hips making it easier for him to pull them down.  Raising her feet, Kovu slides the panties off her body completely and tosses them aside not caring where they fell.

His hand trailing up her thigh, as he kisses her his hand makes its way to her wet folds. Rubbing the sensitive mound using his thumb he separates the lips and slips a finger in. Moaning into his mouth, Mercedez runs her tongue across the roof of his mouth as she grinds into his hand.  Breaking away from the kiss Kovu leaves a trail of open mouth kisses across her chest, down her stomach just above her vagina.

Pulling his finger out he quickly replaces it with his tongue, licking and sucking at the juices that trickles from her opening. Lapping it up without missing a drop, he slides his tongue up between the inner labia, taking the clit into his mouth. Getting a gasp from her as he begins to suckle on it, he slightly hums sending chills down her spine.

The bedroom door opens as someones head peeks in before closing it quickly, surprised at the scene thats taking place. Mercedez’ head lolls back as she lets out a moan, grabbing a fist of his hair. Shifting his position, Kovu curls his arms under her legs and places them on top of his shoulders bringing her closer to him.


We’ve been boys since we were eighteen and he treats me like a fucking idiot.  I don’t need to read books.  I don’t need to speak proper and shit.  All I need to do is survive. Damn it if it wasn’t for me his ass would’ve been dead a long time ago, his punk ass always running back to his daddy when shit go down.

The shit he doing with Jhanada is fucked up, I don’t know what they trying to do, but I don’t want no part of it.  If she don’t do it herself, someone will hand they ass to ‘em. Cleaning the chamber of my gun, I freeze startled by her voice. “Do me a favor?”

“What’s up?”

“Meercedez and Kovu are busy.  Go with me to go check out a lead?”

“Laz and ain’t say nothing about a lead”.

“That’s because his ass doesn’t have one.  I do.  Please?”

Seeing her puff her cheeks out in an attempt to act cute with her so called plead, I laugh. “Aight Miss Omi, let’s go”.


Putting everything back together and in the right place, I stand up and head toward the door with Jhanada in tow, “you know Ominous”. She stops walking and stares at me blankly. “Foreseeing evil, harm, you’re threatening”. I laugh again as her eyebrows furrow inward, “I’m not as dumb as I look.

Plus it’s true, no offense”.

She cracks a smile, “none taken”.

The Child of Erebus

Chapter 14


         His head cocks to the right as he sniffs the air, the rotten scent filling his nostrils he lets out a growl.  Lycans run pass ready to abide by their masters order, he follows right behind them ready to kill and protect his clan.  Easily dodging fallen trees and other foliage, only thing on his mind is to get to his home.

        Shrill cries ring throughout the residence of the Kobejitsu clan as the members protect their home from a new kind of threat.  Decapitating the head of one, he turns around just in time grabbing at the foes throat.  Letting out a mixture of a hiss and scream, a line on its jaw becomes more visible s the mandible spreads open revealing fangs.  The suction cup like tongue springs out, trying to latch onto its prey.  Contorting his face, a rush of electricity courses through his hand as he electrocutes the foul beast ripping his hand away pulling its head with it.

        Opening the door to the elder’s room he spots one of the creatures crouching on the desk feeding off Mikado.  Sensing danger it looks up from its kill towards the door screeching; leaping off the desk it breaks for the tall window.  Not giving it a chance to get very far, he throws the bladed end of his chain, sinking it into the crook of its neck, yanking his end of the chain, snatching the creature back towards him.

Footsteps are heard behind him, wrapping the chain around its throat tightening the hold. Bones crush as the creature thrashes around trying to get free, with one last twist of the chain bones pierce through its neck. Releasing the creature it falls to the floor with blood pooling out as the head barely hangs from the neck.  Movement outside the window catches his eyes, moving towards the window to get a better look he peers down onto the grounds seeing a group of creatures fleeing. Closing his eyes, he turns around. When he opens them again, they are no longer dark brown, but an intensifying icy blue.

Looking at Mikado, not only feeing anger and sadness, but a new kind of power settling in; Power passed down from Mikado to Jihoon, signifying his new role to the Kobejitsu clan. Averting his gaze to his brethren behind him, “give him a proper burial,” now looking at his little brother and Tank, he gives them a head nod. 

Clenching his fists Junho speaks to his Lycans, “sniff them out.” Letting out triumphant roars, easily catching onto the creatures foul scent, they lead the way for the new leader, his brother, and friend to take back the pride of their clan.


          Following the Lycans down into an underground carven, the Lycans split up to gain more coverage of the tunnels.  A two young Lycans stumble across three of the creatures feeding off what now appears to just be a shredded human body. One of the Lycans picks up a creature and flings it across the cavern, while another Lycan brings it claw down crushing one’s ribs.  The third creature screeches as it lunges at the first Lycan, attaching itself to it, its jaw begins to separate. The creature that was tossed away gets up and charges at the Lycan struggling with its peer. The second Lycan catching it and slamming it down on the ground as the creature with the crushed ribs springs up and attacks him. Its mandible spread apart, it sinks its fangs into the Lycans neck as the suction cup tongue latches on sucking. Once broken through fur and flesh, it begins to pump in its venom. The creature that’s being held down it attaches its mouth to the Lycans arm, injecting its own venom as well. The first Lycan meeting the same fate as its fellow comrade.

           With glowing yellow eyes, Junho snaps the head of one creature and throws it to the ground. Catching another as it charges at him, he spins it around breaking its arm behind its back, and then proceeds to rips its throat out with his bare hands. The creature sits up and snaps its head back into position and jumps onto Junho’s back. Reaching behind him Junho grabs a hold of its jaw before it can sink its fangs into him, flipping it over his shoulder he stares at it with disgust as it hisses and bucks under his embrace trying to get at him. Seeing that crease began to spread open, Junho punches it in the face and turns it over face down. Grabbing a fistful of its collar, he beings to repeatedly slam its face down onto the ground. With each slam blood beings to seep out from its face as the blow to the ground breaks its nose, teeth, and cheek bones. With one final smash, the frontal lobe crushes, bones piercing the brain.  Sitting up from his kill, he watches as the blood begins to spread out around the creature, leaving it lying in its own blood. Sensing that his pets are in danger, Junho roars as he heads out to aid them.

           The now crippled creature, struggling to drag itself away, it comes to a halt when it sees that its exit has been sealed off by a thick layer of ice. Turning its head, its eyes watch as his attacker dangles his bladed chain, blood dripping from the tip mixing in with the dirt ground. Looking up into his attacker’s eyes, its mandible splits open letting out one last cry just as Jihoon swings his chain; the blade slicing through the top of its head and exiting out through its chin. Cutting the creatures head in half, the upper part slides down and falls to the ground as blood continues to spew out staining the ground. The last thing it saw was were icy blue eyes

The Child of Erebus

Chapter 7

“So listen, your best bet is to stay out the way and keep an eye out.  Let them do all the work.” She passes Mercedez and Jhanada both a holster packed with two pistols.

 “The fuck is this?” Mercedez says, as she looks at the guns in disdain.

 “A gun, you use it to kill people,” please Lord; don’t tell me these chicks are slow.

“I know what gun is, it’s just… You guys actually use these?” I just sigh; I can’t believe she just asked me that. I can’t babysit dumb people, I really can’t.

“Will you just take the damn thing,” she finally grabs it as I hold up the other set to Jhanada, “here”.

“I don’t need it”. God Damnit, not her too!

“Look, if you wanna survive tonight, take the damn gun,” this time I push it towards her.

“With or without it, it won’t make a difference. I am very well capable of surviving the night. So no thanks.”

Rolling my eyes, I set it down on the counter, “Fine. Whatever you say, just don’t come crawling to me needing to be patched up.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t. Let’s go.” I watch as she and Mercedez walk away first, I shake my head and follow them to the truck.


Backed into a corner, Nikki’s constantly firing out shots to her attackers wondering where the boys are to help her out.  Spurts of bright light appears as one by one the attackers burn to flames, dropping dead.  Not exactly sure on what’s going on Nikki hurriedly changes the cartridge, points, a man grabs her wrist and moves it away just as she lets off a shot.  Before the man has time to react to her, his eyes widen as a blade sinks into his throat piercing his trachea. “Fuck!”  She watches as the man slides down to the floor revealing her savior, “Jhanada?” Nikki’s eyebrows burrow downward, something’s different about Jhanada, and she can’t quite put her finger on what exactly is different. She just knows that something is off.

A gunshot to the head, killing off one of the last survivors, Laz looks up as the rest of his men enter the room. “Mortals,” I turn my head to Sticky, “what you find out?”

“Nothing much, except they’re working for someone, no one knew who though”.

"How you work for someone and not know who?”

“It’s the money, apparently, if they finish out their task they’ll be set for life”.

“And what’s the task,” my head snaps to the other side of the room as Nikki walks in first with Mercedez by her side; Jhanada comes in last dragging a screaming man. “The fuck is going on here?”

“Tell him everything you just told me, skip any details, and I will end your life,” she drops him right in front of me.  What she do to this guy, he sits up on his knees shaking like a damn leaf. Finally lifting his head, I wince at his face.  Both eyes were black, blood running down his nose, and his damn cheek bone was coming through his flesh.

“I… I… They um –, “ he lets out another painful scream as Jhanada grabs the back of his neck; you can hear the sizzling and the smell of burning flesh.

“Talk properly”.

This motherfucker looks like he about to cry as he struggles to breathe, looks like I’m going have to keep an eye on her, she got some tricks up her sleeve.

“We were hired by the government to kill and capture some Vampires,” he said as a whimper.

“Capture?  For what?”

“Some experiment, I don’t know what, I’m just doing as told. Please don’t kill me, please just let me go!”

“That’s not how it works with me,” I watch as Jhanada tightens her grip on his neck as flames spring up and fully cover her hand and his head.  Forcefully she pulls her hand away, ripping his head off and dropping it to the ground.  The head rolls away still in flames.

“The hell?”  I actually look up at Nikki, and she has fear plastered all on her face.


I don’t like this one bit, the Demonata, other clans, immortals, I’ll work with them.  Lycans, hell no!  I’ll never forget the night I saw one of them slaughter my mother.  Ever since then I vowed to never let another touch my family. I became a death dealer. Now Mikado’s allowing them here because of the kid.

“Breathe man, after today we won’t have to see them”. My jaw clenches as two rows of Lycans come walking in. You can tell that everyone is on edge with them being here, watching their every move, ready to kill.

“Junho better be able to control them the way Mikado says, otherwise he will hate me. They even look at me the wrong way I won’t hesitate to kill them all”.

“You don’t even have to tell me, I right along with you on this one”. I turn and look at Jihoon nodding my head before we make our way over to Mikado and Junho at the front of the courtyard.

“My puppies!” Junho takes off sprinting with his little body over to the Lycans, one drops down in a low crouch allowing Junho to run into him hugging it’s huge head. As much as Jihoon hates watching this happen, deep down he knows that the beasts won’t hurt his little brother.

“This is ridiculous,” Tank shakes his head in disbelief.

A smile appearing across Mikado’s face he begins to speak, “What has happen here we all should take this as a sign to start trusting each other.  The child has been given the gift of Animal Manipulation”.  Small laughter can be heard as the Lycan rolls onto his back, Junho climbing on top of it scratching its belly. “It’s clear that both sides have taken a liking for each other.  Let’s use that to our advantage and learn to trust each other”. Now looking around the court yard into every individuals face, Vampire and Lycan, “We’re going to need each other now more than ever. For I fear that our world as we know it will be turned upside down”.  Stopping his gaze at Jihoon and Tank, “so please, help each other, protect each other. Leave all personal vendetta’s behind, for it’s the only way we’ll survive through this”.

The Child of Erebus

Chapter 6

“What the hell happened last night? I get back and all I could smell was the stench of Lycans”.

“Junho was outside playing with one of them”.

“What?” Tank’s face contorts into a scowl.

“I think you were right about him controlling them, Ty—“


“He was the Lycan he was playing with. He said that Junho summoned him,” looking off into space as Jihoon just thought of something, “It was protecting him, from me of all people!”

“That’s because he is considered their master now,” Jihoon and Tank turn around to see Mikado strolling into the room; “Junho has seem to have develop his power sooner than normal.  Times are definitely changing”.

“Master? How so?” Tank folds he’s arms.

“Just as Jihoon has said, he can control them; my hypothesis is that he can control all animals.  Erebus has always been a dangerous place, but now things are just getting worse.  Before there was at least respect between all immortals, ever since the Eminence has died, everything took a turn for the worst. So with him getting his powers now, I see it as his body preparing for what’s to come”.

Earth Realm

Myself and a few others just finished just finished brining luggage to the two rooms of the new girls that just came today. I still haven’t seen them yet but Sticky and Laz keep talking about which one they’re gonna get.  I just shake my head at them arguing, one day they’re gonna be put in they place big time.

Walking down the stairs to where our training facility is we see Damien, Michael, and Nikki standing in the center with the two new girls.  The two push past me and make their way towards them trying to be the first to talk.

“This is Jhanada my daughter, and Mercedez her friend.  They’ll be joining you as Death Dealers; I trust the three of you well take care of them?” Michael spoke.

“You know we will,” Sticky replied in his husky voice. 

“Laz, I want you to take special care of Jhanada for me out there, not just as the leader but as someone I trust”.

“You won’t have to worry about a thing sir; I’ll make sure that the both of them will be all set”.  Laz looks directly at Jhanada and smirks.  With a nod of his head Michael, walks away talking to Damien in the process. Taking that as my cue introduce myself to Mercedez grabbing her hand and giving it a light kiss.

“Kovu,” flashing a smiling at her, a devilish smirk appears across her face. Turning my head towards Jhanada, “how are you?”

“I’m good,” she raises her left eyebrow, “why she get all that and I just get a ‘how are you’?” I laugh a little as she lowered her voice to try and match mine.

“I didn’t want to seem offensive; I sense you have a mate.”

“You’re a pureblood,” she smiles.


“How the hell you know?”  Mercedez looks at her confused.

“He’s respectful, plus half breeds wouldn’t give a damn, they’d still try and pursue.”  Soon as she finished her last sentence, she looks Laz directly in the face just as he did to her.

“May I show the two of you to your rooms?”

“You may,” Mercedez slurs the last word as she grabs onto my arm. I catch her give Jhanada a wink, as I lead them up the stairs…

Sticky slaps Laz on the shoulder, “you just gonna let her play you like that?”

“I’m not even thinking about it. She’ll learn soon enough.”

The Child of Erebus

Chapter 4, part 2

"So you’re really leaving?" he says as he holds onto Jhanada. Pouting, she looks up at him,

"Unfortunately, if I knew it was going to end up like this I would’ve gotten so attached to you". Jihoon nuzzles his chin on top of her head as he lets out a sigh.

"I think imma be sick," bending over as Mercedez fakes gagging onto the ground. Tank laughs as he observes the surrounding. It’s a wide clearing in the middle of one of the many forests in Erebus; the place is crawling with Vampires from all different clans.

"I will say you gave us a run for our money. Being the only female allowed at the house, you knew how to kick some ass. Then let’s not even get into the morning runs," Tank shakes his head.

"Soon as they say go, you would dip on us,” Jihoon adds.

“Ain’t my fault all y’all slow,” Jhanada looks away from Jihoon as everyone becomes rowdy as two eighteen wheelers drive past.

"Some of y’all act like you’ve never been hunting before. Pushing each other out the way before the doors are even opened, “Mercedez looks at her three friends.

"You’ll never understand the thirst," wrapping his arm around Mercedez’s shoulders, Tank bears his fangs. "Let’s go". The four of them start walking forward, the scent of blood growing stronger with each step. Nearing the starting point, voices of officials can be heard telling people to keep back as they prepare to open the doors of the trucks.

A round of roars start as steel screened windows are opened teasing the nostrils of the immortals as the scent of blood pours through the air. Most if not all, start to pull and rip their shirts off preparing for the bloodshed. One by one, the four pull their shirts over their heads, as a person forcefully bumps into Jhanada. “Bitch,” eyes glowing red as she continues to walk by. Jhanada bears her fangs as she eyes the woman down.

"I can’t wait for the day when you put Vida out her misery. Just let me know when so I can do a victory dance on top of her lifeless body," Mercedez moves to stand beside Jhanada, following her gaze in the direction Vida walked off in.

"Why the two of you always so damn violent?" The two girls look at Jihoon with a blank expression on their faces.

"Leave it alone man, just leave it alone. You know how they get," Tank lightly pushes Jihoon and they start walking ahead of the girls.

The four of them stop in their tracks while everyone is urgently waiting for the cattle to be released. Chains can be heard rattling as the doors start to slide open. Humans. The guards escort them to the front parading them in front of everyone. Some of them only have bruises, while others have blood dripping from fresh wounds down onto the ground. Once all the cattle are out of the trucks and lined up, the guards proceed to take the chains off them, freeing their hands and feet. The main official, “You’re given ten minutes to run and try to make it across the river. After the ten minutes, everyone you see behind me will be let loose, free to hunt. If you’re caught, you’re dead. If you do manage to make it across the river, you’re set free from us. Now that doesn’t guarantee your safety for there are other creatures out there looking for their next meal”. Stepping back, he lets off a shot into the air from a small revolver. Taking that as their clue, the cattle begin to spread out, trying to get as far away as possible.

All eyes focused as they watch the cattle scramble down the small cliff, running deeper into the forest. “You know what to do if you need help right,” Jhanada turns her head looking at Mercedez.


"Good," smirking, Jhanada takes off running soon after the second shot is fired allowing the immortals to begin their hunt.

“There she go showing off again,” Tank manages to say right before joining everyone else in the chase.


“Ahhh!” An older gentleman swings a large branch at his attackers head.  Ducking out the way, Jhanada knocks the branch out his grasp and lunges forward.  Putting up a fight the man tries to protect himself from the Vampire.  He throws a punch, Jhanada catching his fist in her hand she snaps it back.  Letting out a gasp as she hits him in the throat with her freehand before wrap her hand around his throat.  Sinking her fangs into his flesh, she begins to feed, not letting go even as his knees buckles, she falls to the ground right along with him. 


“Psst…. Psst, over here, this way! Hurry they’re coming!” Tired and getting sick of running any old way the young girl follows.

“How do you know they’re not up ahead,” panic ringing through her voice. 

Mercedez turning around with eyes glowing pink, “I don’t.”  The girl stops running as she just stares into Mercedez eyes, getting lost in a trance. “Come here,” motioning with her index finger, beckoning her to move forward.  Once close enough Mercedez grabs her hand, caressing it, “it’s going to be okay,” she coo’s.  Pulling her into a hug, Mercedez swipes a lock of hair away from her neck as she bites down.  Although she lacks fangs, she’s able to pierce through the flesh and begins to chew.


Splashing through puddles, losing his footing teenage boy, has managed to stay away from the over bearing figure.  Not hearing anything behind or in front of him, just a light breeze, the kid lets out a sigh of relief.  Maybe, at least for now, he thinks he lost him. That is until a bolt of lightning strikes down at a log on the ground.  Screaming, he takes off running again, only to fall backwards with a strong direct kick straight to his chest. “Get up”.  Heaving the kid does as he’s told. “Defend yourself,” kicking the boy in his chest once more.  Getting up a second time, blood spews from his mouth, the boy lunges toward Tank.  Catching him around his waist trying to knock him off his feet, with no luck, as Tank didn’t budge an inch.  Letting out a chuckle, Tank brings his elbow down hard on the back of the kid, making him fall flat on his face.  With a growl, “I said get up!”  Pulling himself to his knees, the boy just looks up at him with a dirt and blood stained face.  Grabbing at his throat, Tank squeezes as he watches the boys eyes widen from the lack of oxygen.  “When I say get up, I mean get up,” ripping his hand away as he pulls a chunk of the boys throat away in his fist.


Hearing a rustling sound behind her, Jhanada looks up from her kill with blood dripping from her mouth and running down her neck, quickly standing she strikes at whoever is behind her.  Her wrist is caught, turning around she’s face to face with a bloody filled smirking Jihoon.  Stepping forward he leans in for an open mouthed kiss.  Sucking the coopery taste of blood from her tongue before pulling away to lightly bite her bottom lip, he then proceeds to lick a trail from her chin down to her neck following along the drying blood.

The Child of Erebus

Chapter 3

“Oooh, look at what the gremlins dragged in!” sitting a plate down on the counter as she goes over the refrigerator.  As she turns around she noticed that her plate is gone, “Hey! What do you think you’re doing?”

“Obviously I’m eating,” Jihoon said as he sat down in a chair while Jhanada booty bumped Mercedez out the way and grabbed two bottles of blood out the fridge.

“I oughta turn you into a damn vegetable!” she said as she threw a bottle cap at Jihoon’s head; he ducks out the way and takes a teasingly bite out a piece of meat mocking Mercedez.

“Why two always staring with each other?”

“Jha, you saw it!  It was him this time, you better keep your eye on him, imma fuck him up one of these days.” Glaring him down, Mercedez moves her thumb across her throat motioning of killing him.

“Oh my god! I’m so scared, Jhanada please don’t let the big bad Mercedez hurt me,” rolling his eyes as he shovels another piece of meat into his mouth.

“Jha you need to handle him”.

“She handles me quite nicely thank you,” his head drops down as Jhanada smacks him upside his head.

“Behave. Cedez how many times do I tell you just to ignore him?”

Rolling her eyes as Jhanada takes a seat on Jihoon’s lap and she joins them at the kitchen table, “maybe if he wasn’t always around I could”.

“I ain’t going nowhere baby love,” batting his eyelashes toward Mercedez.

“What did I just say, you two…“ stopping mid sentence when Jhanada see’s Mercedez motioning something to her.

“I think it’s time for you to go home Jihoon.” Mercedez slides out of her chair and noticeably tries to sneak away while Jhanada hops off Jihoon’s lap turning around a facing the person that voice belongs to.

“Madam! Hey… how are you?”

“It’s late, just because Mikado* and I have allowed you two to mate does not mean you can come and go as pleased. You are to focus on training.”

“But we were…”

“I don’t want to hear it.” 

“Training,” Jhanada muttered as Madam continue to scold them.

“Jhanada you were sent here to train. Jihoon I expect more out of you, you grew up here, you know how to behave and you’re to become leader of the Kobejitsu Clan*.”  Getting up from his seat, Jihoon gives Jhanada a kiss on the cheek and gives a bow of the head towards Madam before making his way to the door.  Setting her gaze now towards Jhanada, the harden expression never leaving her face, “go to bed, we have things to discuss in the morning”.


A hand clad with black tape slowly swipes down the side of the punching bag before the right fist lands in the center with a loud thud, starting the round of synchronized punches. Left punch, two hits with his right elbow, a kick with his left leg, he catches the swinging bag as Jihoon walks by him over to the weapon case.  Stepping back from the bag, Tank flexes his right hand as electricity current becomes visible on his arm.  Sending a low volt into Jihoon’s back, Tank watches as he falls to his knees before rushing over and putting him in a headlock.  “What the hell are you doing?” Jihoon manages to stay through his teeth.

“Teaching you a lesson,” after getting his words out Tank falls back as Jihoon knocks his legs out from under him. Getting to his feet as Tank kicks up off the ground and begins throwing punches at him.  With effort Jihoon manages to block most them and grabs a hold on one of Tanks arms.  Using that opportunity Tank using his other arm grabs onto Jihoon and flipping him onto the floor.

“Alright man, what!?”

“I’m getting tired of this cat and mouse game with your brother.  I’m a Death Dealer not a fucking baby sitter,” he said letting him go. 

Sitting up with a sigh, “where was he this time?” dusting himself off now that he’s standing. 

“Lycans den.”


“Get this.  I think he was controlling them; they didn’t do a damn thing to him.  They they wanted to attack me when I grabbed him to get him out of there but they were afraid of what might of happened if they did.” Turning around swinging his arms back and forth loosing up his shoulder muscles, Tank walks back over to the punching bag.

Shaking his head, “I don’t even understand, he’s too young to have powers, he’s only four.” Jihoon said as he picked up his bladed steel chain (kyoketsu-shoge).

Lightly hitting the punching bag, “whatever, you can figure that out later, do something about the damn kid and his disappearing act.”

"About that…" trailing off Jihoon begins his kata* with the chain.

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The Child of Erebus

Chapter 3

They’re so beautiful, just like I thought. Strong as well, that’s a good thing indeed; I need to get a closer look at the children. Snap. No, he saw me.

“What is it?”

 “I don’t know, stay here,” no he’s coming. I unfurled my wings and with one swift movement I rise into the air flying over their heads.  Putting some distance between us, I land in sheer awe at their beauty. The muscles on my face contort into a frown as I sense the wariness radiating from him. He’s going to attack.  Summoning the spirit of Mother Earth, I create a distraction with the leaves, a whirlwind. The muscles relax forming a smile as I see him shield her behind him before he advances forward. He’s protective of her.

“The two of you are beautiful,” I say as he stops in his tracks.

Unsure of what to do, Jihoon decides his best bet is to kill it. Hurling a sheet of ice at the Nymph, halfway towards her it melts and evaporates into the air.Your element based powers will not work on me.”

“What do you want? Who are you?” Jhanada asks as she walks up beside Jihoon, again the Nymph smirks as Jihoon pushes Jhanada behind him once more.

“My name is Kerli, and oh my stars Child you are stunning. The resemblance is remarkable,” whispering the last part as she takes a step forward.

“Look,” as he takes out a pair of shruikens, “what the hell do you want?”

“I mean no harm to either of you, Nymphs are forbidden to kill unless for protection. I was just watching, admiring, I’m quite impressed.”

Jihoon turns his head towards Jhanada but keeping his eye on Kerli, “start walking back” he tells Jhanada.  “And you,” pointing looking Kerli dead in her eyes, “you even think of following us, I’ll kill you without thinking twice about it.” Before turning away he gives her the once over and starts following behind Jhanada.

“Be careful! Jhanada…”  Hearing her name being shouted, she turns around.

“Keeping walking,” Jihoon grabs Jhanada’s arm and leads her further into the forest away from the Nymph.

Where the hell is this damn kid at? You would think with him being the last born he would be locked away somewhere guarded so he wouldn’t be killed; but noooo this kid stay disappearing somewhere. Erebus is far from a playground and this kid got me sneaking around this cave.  Stepping over a pile of bones, my stomach lurches as the stench of Lycans fill my nostrils.  I swear on everything he better be in here, otherwise I’m knocking Jihoon the fuck out, he needs to put his little brother on a fucking leash or something.

Shit, these motherfuckers stink! I stopped moving when I hear at least three of them running in my direction.  Pressing my back as close to the wall as possible, I hold my breath as they run past, stepping out getting ready to follow them when I felt something wet fall on the back of my neck. Fuck! A Lycan roars as I duck out of the way as it swings its large claw at me.  Fighting back the bile that’s trying to come up my throat as I dodge all its attacks, I have to end this one quick before the others figure out what’s going on.  It charges at me, catching it by the shoulders I rolled backwards on my back kicking it away.  Getting up I unsheathed my spiked dagger, the Lycan runs at me one more, I grabbed it’s arm swung around behind it and thrust the dagger right into its temple; twisting it around for good measure.

Dropping the wretched beast to the ground as I pull out the dagger, I see someone running towards my way.  Bounce on my heels before taking off towards the on-coming person. Kicking off the ground my right foot hits him in the chest, I twist mid-air my left foot coming into contact with his face, I land on the ground.  Before he can turn I’m on him sinking the dagger in the side of his neck sliding it across severing his head.  Turning around I take off running deeper into the cave, I gotta find that little bastard. 

Surroundings got brighter when I came to an opening, there are Lycans all over the place, but more importantly there was that little bastard right in the center of all them smiling away.  I start making my way down towards him when I noticed that the Lycans aren’t doing a damn thing.  I make it towards him, pick him and the Lycans start growling at me.  Looking down at the kid, he’s making faces at the Lycans, why am I getting the strangest feeling that he’s controlling them. 

As I start walking away he raises his hand and waves, “bye bye puppies!”

Looking at him shaking my head, “they are far from puppies kid…”