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Eminence: The Child of Erebus
The Child of Erebus

Chapter 17



“Ahhhh where did you go? Are you under the bed… Raaah!” Growling at the cub, it crouches even lower under the bed and gives a small bark. I scoop it up in my hand and chuckle as I feel little bites on my hand.  Placing him on the bed, I lay on my stomach and get eye level with him. Growling at him, he crouches again wih his front legs while his butt wiggles in the air, gently swiping at his face I get him to bare his teeth. Showing my fangs he gets excited and timidly with it’s right paw reaches to swipe at my face. Holding it’s snout in my hand, he whips his head back and forth and starts growling, letting him go, I swipe at it’s body and knock him over onto his side.

Placing my hand on it’s belly I begin to rock him back and forth, opening it’s mouth trying to bite at me, it makes gasping like noises instead of barks failing to bite at my hand.  Lowering my face, I roar in his tiny face.  If I didn’t know any better I could’ve swore he started smiling as he went still. Roaring again, he kicks his hind legs out and tries to mimic me, only a tiny growl escapes it’s mouth.

While the cub is practicing its roar, a scent caught my attention.  Lifting my hed and gazing towards the balcony, I head toward it with the cub in my hand. Opening the doors, the scent hit me like a brick wall.. without even a second thought a low menancing growl escaes from my throat.  The cub yaps in excitement, “no play this time little guy.”

          Placing the young cub down on the ground after landing the jump, Junho senses a whole pack.  Calmly walking to the back of the dwelling with the cub following.  Turning the corner entering the courtyard, Junho sees that it’s filled with Lycans that he has never seen before, which explains the new scent.  Simchi turns around to face with a big grin on his face, as Ty turns around and nods at Junho.  Nodding his head in approval, “not bad at all. It’s a lot more than I expected.”

“Yea well we didn’t come here that easily,” Junho looks over the at the person that’s stepping towards him. From his assessment, he notes that he’s an Alpha, looking back at Ty who turns his head away from the situation. “You see, we’re coming here with some rules for you Vampire dickheads.” Junho aslo turns his head away as he lets out a laugh. Not saying anything, faces forward again, he let’s this Alpha continue to speak, humoring him.  “One, I’m the leader of this pack. Two, they take orders from me. Three,  the first chance i—-“

“Lemme guess, you’ll kill me?” The Alpha’s knees buckle under him and he falls to the ground, clutching  at his head, from the intense ringing. “You may be the leader of your pack, but you see. I control you, you, you, and you,” pointing at each person. “I control all of you and if you don’t like it, I’ll kill you no questions asked. Therefore, you all must show Ty and Simchi respect, as well as my brothers when they return. And you damn sure will show me respect. Understood?”


Earth Realm


Constantly grabbing at Jhanada’s arm, trying to get her attention as they walk through the crowd.  Giving a slight yank, she stops walking, “what Cedez damn!?”

“Challenger goes against winner, Chris is the next challenger right?”

“Okay and?”

“Look!” Mercedez physically turns Jhanada’s head towards the ring to get a look at the guaranteed winner of this round.

Dragging out a single word, “fuck,” she and Mercedez rushes back towards the others…

“Withdraw the challenger, something came up.”

“She has no authority, keep him on the list.  Facing Jhanada, Laz walks through the crowd up to the announcing table “what do you think you’re doing?”

“Keeping one of your boys alive,” pointing at the man in the ring, “we grew up with him, he doesn’t fight to win. He fights to kill. Take Chris off the list now.”


“Look idiot! Is he more useful to you dead or alive? Your choice.”  Jhanada grabs Mercedez hand, knowing she’s ready to swing on Laz.

Looking the both of the girls over, he makes his decision, “take him off. You both owe me fight.”

The crowd’s cheers grow louder causing everyone to turn their attention back to the ring.  Inside the ring the fight starts to come to a close, with Tank tossing his opponent to the floor. Walking around his opponent Tank watches as he stands up gathering his balance.  Switching his stance, Tank prepares as his opponent comes charging at him.  Quickly stepping to the side, Tank kicks at his shin, connecting with the ankle. With that much force a cracking sound can be heard as the bones in the ankle break, causing the crowd to let out a wave roars.  Falling to his knees again, Tank takes the time to land a solid back spin kick to his head, snapping it as well. The referee quickly entering the ring, calling Tank back as he checks for a pulse, not finding one he raises Tank’s arm in victory. Scanning the crowd, Tank’s eyes find another two sets of a pair of eyes.



Un-wrapping the tape from my wrists I hear a knock at the door, “it’s open!”

“Well, well, well, look at what we have here.”

“If it isn’t the double mint twins! You two still together?” I shake my head as Jhanada makes a face.

“Please! She ain’t going nowhere even if she wanted to,” Mercedez said.

“I thought I was the Dom in this relationship?”

“You wish boo,” this time I didn’t even try to hold my laughter as Mercedez smacks Jha on the ass causing her to yell in pain.

“You two ain’t never going to change huh?”

“Ya damn straight! So why are you here?”

“Rude! Mercedez, just rude”.

“Don’t act like you don’t wanna know, so answer the question the question.”

“Y’all a mess, I swear it don’t even feel like seventeen years have passed, but yea. Mikado was killed, found out the Demonata was involved in it and I’m here trying to piece shit together.”

“Are you serious? How’s Jihoon and Junho, how are they holding up?”

“Junho’s alright, you know that boy weird, he didn’t show no type of emotion,” Jhanada smiles as she shakes her hand in her hand. “ Jihoon on the hand, is a different story. You know Mikado raised him, then on top of that he inherited all this power, figuratively and psychically. So he’s… Kind of weird too.”

“You found out that the Demonata killed him, but why would they?”

“They personally didn’t kill them,” talking to Mercedez. “These creatures did, pale bastards, living up to the Vampire myth the humans created. Their jaws unhinged and everything, it was nasty. They don’t talk, unless that’s what it seemed like, but one did draw the Demonata symbol in the dirt when I questioned it.” I noticed Jha staring off into space as I’m talking.

“Jha, what is it?”


“Who the hell is Thomas?”

“It matches up with what he told me and Sticky the other day.”

“Looks like you and Mr. Thomas needs to have another talk then.”

“One of you tell me what the fuck is going on!

“You go back to Erebus and tell your clan that some crazy shit about to go down. The Demonata, is starting trouble again, but this time, it’s against their will. They’re doing it for someone else.”

These two were always into some type of trouble, why am I not surprised they know about this too. Jihoon, the fuck is your girl into?

The Child of Erebus

Chapter 16

Picking at his face, a hand comes up and swats his away, “will you stop messing with your face!  You’re gonna wipe it all off”.

“Because you got me wearing makeup and shit”.

“Would you rather burst into flames, you’re not exactly a pure blood you know,” Jhanada says to Sticky.

“Yea, yea.  Who we meetin’ here anyway?”

“A familiar of mines. He’s a lawyer doing some dirty work for the Demonata”.

“How you manage to score that?”

Cutting her eyes at him, “no need for you to worry about all that, let’s go see what he has in store for us”.


“Can I trust you that you’ll hold things down here?”

“Hyung, of course I can.  Hell I’m a Prince aren’t I?  I can take care of my home,” he says while playing with a six week old cub.

Tank scrunches his face in annoyance, “not really…”

“Yes really! Jihoon is Mikado now, so that makes Prince of the Kobejitsu Clan.  What was Mikado’s real name anyway?” Rubbing the young cubs belly and rolling it side to side, rough housing with the baby.

“I don’t know, he was always—. That’s beside the point!” Tank shakes his head further annoyed that he let Junho make him lose track of his thoughts.  “Look, I’m going to Earth Realm for a few days, three tops.  Don’t burn down the place or get overthrown, cause I’ll kill you, and your brother will figure out a way to bring you back and kill you again”.

Lifting is head, eyes a golden yellow.  Junho averts his gaze towards Tank, “I can handle it. Go”.


I wasn’t expecting her to bring him along, maybe Mercedez, but definitely not him.  He can’t be her lover right?  I mean look t him, he doesn’t even compare to me.  I’m handsome, smart, I have money, who wouldn’t—“


“Sorry, did you say something?” I quickly replied snapping out of a daze.

“Is this it?”

Following her finger pointing to the door, “oh yea, this is it.  Come in”.  Allowing them to enter first I close the door behind us.  Makin my way ahead of them I walk around to the head of the operating table in the middle of the room.  Pulling the sheet down, “now from my understanding they’re using these as weapons,” I look up to a look of disgust on both of their faces. “It’s called a Reaper, and this one is a human that’s been turned.  I imagine a turned Vampire or Demon would be a lot stronger”.

“Hold the fuck up! Turned Vampire or Demon?  How the fuck is that possible?”

“Through tests. It’s a weapon because it was designed to kill a specific person, which I’m still working on figuring out who. It was biochemically made, the original test subject was Vampire that was being held captive, but being that it turned out so well, not only were more made, but they allowed it to turn others”.

“Thomas, how well?”

Seeing the concern on Jhanada’s face, it made me a little bit worried. “It feeds off any and everything. They’ll eat Humans, animals, Vampires, Demons; and if they’re hungry enough, each other. You get the point. Their only real weakness is sun light, they couldn’t quite get around that.  Other weakness are the basics that’s the same for everyone else, cut the head off or impale the heart, but good luck. I’ve see things in action, they some dirty motherfuckers.

“So basically, they’re just amped up Vampires? Or, better yet, they tried to mimic a Pureblood”.

Jhanada walks closer and stares at the Reaper, “the scar on its chin, I see you looking at it. It opens open, the jaw unhinges as well with two additional fangs that’s main purpose is to pump venom into its prey”.

“So what’s the catch, their new pets sound too good to be true”.  Sticky crosses his arms, I guess trying to make sense of all it. 

“Although the Reapers a weapon, they’re used as a last resort. The Demonata can’t control them, when they’re released to do the job; Demonata has the understanding that their own men may even be killed in the bloodshed”.

“They’re not behind this”.

“What?” I turn to Jhanada.

“There’s no reason for the Demonata to recreate a Pureblood. They spent all those years fighting us, why try and bring us back?  This is someone’s doing, the Demonata is just a cover up.”

“You sure about that?” I watch as Jhanada gives a smirk to Sticky before continuing on.

“I fought against them numerous times, their leader doesn’t like me very much. As a matter of fact a lot of the old timers, Vampire and Demon alike, don’t like me”. She laughs, this time instead of being worried for her, I’m worried of her.  “Chop of the head and impale the heart right?”

“From the side. Impale the heart from the side, the heart is encased in bone, side of the heart is left wide open”.

“Thank you Thomas, keep an eye out to find who the Demonata is reporting to”.

The Child of Erebus

Chapter 6

“What the hell happened last night? I get back and all I could smell was the stench of Lycans”.

“Junho was outside playing with one of them”.

“What?” Tank’s face contorts into a scowl.

“I think you were right about him controlling them, Ty—“


“He was the Lycan he was playing with. He said that Junho summoned him,” looking off into space as Jihoon just thought of something, “It was protecting him, from me of all people!”

“That’s because he is considered their master now,” Jihoon and Tank turn around to see Mikado strolling into the room; “Junho has seem to have develop his power sooner than normal.  Times are definitely changing”.

“Master? How so?” Tank folds he’s arms.

“Just as Jihoon has said, he can control them; my hypothesis is that he can control all animals.  Erebus has always been a dangerous place, but now things are just getting worse.  Before there was at least respect between all immortals, ever since the Eminence has died, everything took a turn for the worst. So with him getting his powers now, I see it as his body preparing for what’s to come”.

Earth Realm

Myself and a few others just finished just finished brining luggage to the two rooms of the new girls that just came today. I still haven’t seen them yet but Sticky and Laz keep talking about which one they’re gonna get.  I just shake my head at them arguing, one day they’re gonna be put in they place big time.

Walking down the stairs to where our training facility is we see Damien, Michael, and Nikki standing in the center with the two new girls.  The two push past me and make their way towards them trying to be the first to talk.

“This is Jhanada my daughter, and Mercedez her friend.  They’ll be joining you as Death Dealers; I trust the three of you well take care of them?” Michael spoke.

“You know we will,” Sticky replied in his husky voice. 

“Laz, I want you to take special care of Jhanada for me out there, not just as the leader but as someone I trust”.

“You won’t have to worry about a thing sir; I’ll make sure that the both of them will be all set”.  Laz looks directly at Jhanada and smirks.  With a nod of his head Michael, walks away talking to Damien in the process. Taking that as my cue introduce myself to Mercedez grabbing her hand and giving it a light kiss.

“Kovu,” flashing a smiling at her, a devilish smirk appears across her face. Turning my head towards Jhanada, “how are you?”

“I’m good,” she raises her left eyebrow, “why she get all that and I just get a ‘how are you’?” I laugh a little as she lowered her voice to try and match mine.

“I didn’t want to seem offensive; I sense you have a mate.”

“You’re a pureblood,” she smiles.


“How the hell you know?”  Mercedez looks at her confused.

“He’s respectful, plus half breeds wouldn’t give a damn, they’d still try and pursue.”  Soon as she finished her last sentence, she looks Laz directly in the face just as he did to her.

“May I show the two of you to your rooms?”

“You may,” Mercedez slurs the last word as she grabs onto my arm. I catch her give Jhanada a wink, as I lead them up the stairs…

Sticky slaps Laz on the shoulder, “you just gonna let her play you like that?”

“I’m not even thinking about it. She’ll learn soon enough.”

The Child of Erebus

Erebus 1750

“Ameretat you’re here.”

“I wouldn’t have missed one of your feedings for the world,” glancing over at the man who finishes tying up the back of her long time friends dress, “Jinho”.

Chuckles, “well I guess I’ll leave the two of you alone”. Slipping his hands down the other woman sides kissing her cheek, “I’ll see you downstairs”.  Silently the two woman watch as Jinho walks out the room, a little after the door has been closed.

“Lilith, have you thought about our last conversation?”

While adding a light hue of color to her lips, “yes I have Ameretat”.


Sighing while placing the lip brush down on the vanity table, “my answer is still no”.

Clearly showing that she is frustrated, “but why!  Lilith you have all this power and you’re letting it waste by doing nothing!”

“What is there to gain? Look around you; we already have everything we could possibly want!”

“It’s the satisfaction of having more Lilith.  Instilling fear in them will allow us more. Think of all the opportunities that could arise from this,” walking over and grabbing a hold of her friends arm.

“Ameretat, listen to me, I will not do this, and Jinho would not approve of it especially because it will start a war.  Forget about this.  This is the last time I ever want to hear you speak of this,” looking directly into Ameretat’s green eyes.  “Now, let’s go enjoy ourselves tonight”.


  All throughout the house are vampires mingling and feeding off of the prepared cattle from Earth.  With the look of betrayal in her eyes, Ameretat starts to put her plan in motion.  Walking to the center of the great room she picks out her target, a couple enjoying themselves in a conversation.  Through Telepathy, Ameretat pushing a thought into the woman’s head that her husband is trying to kill her; eyes glazing over the woman charges at the man thrashing at his face. Startled trying to fight back only to the man’s luck his wife becomes more violent. Satisfied, Ameretat goes to her next victim, a young man. Cattle, finding strength he pushes the vampire off of him and proceeds to bang the vampires head against the wall.  Guards’ rushing over to break up both fights, although everything is going to her liking Ameretat wants more.  Focusing her energy she sends the feeling of fear and hate into everyone in the room causing utter chaos. 


Downing a shot in a room full of his colleagues Jinho’s head snaps towards the door as a loud crash is heard.  Rushing to the door swinging it open, walking to the landing to peer over the railing only to see a swarm of people and cattle alike fighting and running throughout the house.  His first instinct was to find Lilith.  Making his way down the stairs a man runs up to Jinho with bloodshot eyes, fangs pronounced ready to attack.  Without much effort Jinho pushes the man the out of the way. The vampire’s face collides with the wall with a hard thud, breaking the hard shell that protects the brain, as blood spews out of all the openings the head contains.  Stepping down from the last step finally seeing the destruction that has been done, Jinho’s eyes turn icy blue as a growl creeps up in the back of his throat. 


Cattle dropping to the floor as four young vampires release them as they sniff the air. The smell of hate fills their nostrils, looking up from their kill their eyes set on the force from which the hate radiates from.  Lilith, coming towards them with the flick of her hand cattle and vampires go flying out of her way.  The four fledglings let out hisses, growls, and roars preparing to attack. Just a few feet away Lilith’s eyes change from golden brown to pitch black, two of the vampires charge forward; lifting a hand as black veins start creeping up from tips of her fingers all the way up her arms traveling to her eyes, a devilish smirk appears on Lilith’s face.  Suddenly stopping their advance a look of pain washes over the two as the same veins on Lilith appear on them, sucking the life out of them turning to ash as they fall to the floor.  The other two oblivious at what just happened leaps toward Lilith only to be met with the same fate.

 “Lilith, I found you!” running up to her, Ameretat grabs a hold of her arm, “We have to get you out of here let’s go”.

 “Wait, where’s Jinho?”

 “He said to meet at the elder’s temple, now hurry we have to leave!”  Leading Lilith through the house using her powers pushing people aside to make a path, they make their way to the kitchen.

 Snatching her arm away, “Ameretat I am capable of walking by myself”, making her way around the island.

 Lazily walking behind as she closes the kitchen door, smirking, “I’m sorry Lilith, I just. I just wanted to get you out of there.”

 “Why aren’t these doors opening?” Now roughly pulling at the door that is locked shut, “Damnit!”

Grabbing a knife off the counter, “Try using your powers, someone probably in the state of confusion closed off of the exits,” slowly walking towards Lilith.

 “This is ridiculous,” stepping back focusing her energy on the door.

 Raising her hand Lilith releases a burst of energy through her hand, just as a knife pierces her heart, causing the ball of energy to miss the door crashing into the wall beside the door leaving an indent in the stone wall.  Gasping, she looks down at her chest seeing the tip of the blade sticking out. “Ameretat?”

“Awe poor, poor Lilith, what have I done?” Pushing her down, Ameretat crouches down beside her. “You know, this all could have been avoided if you just went along with the plan.”

 Black veins appear once again as Lilith struggles to breathe. Reaching a hand trying to come into contact with Ameretat’s flesh, only to be swatted away and pinned down by Ameretat’s telekinesis. “Ah ah ahh,” wagging a finger in Lilith’s face, “there will be none of that here. You know this really is shame that I have to do this. You really were like a sister to me, a sister who I thought I would rule not only Erebus with but Earth as well. But I guess, I’ll just have to do it all by myself.” Laughing as Lilith tries to grab at her again with the other hand, swatting that away and pinning down as well. “I’m sorry…”

 Closing her eyes, Ameretat begins to say an incantation of which has not been uttered in centuries.  The most forbidden spell, a spell which steals the power of another not even practiced by the most ruthless Demons themselves was finally being spoken after so long.


Expecting anything, a bright light, an explosion, anything, but nothing happened. Ameretat looking down at her once dear friend, pissed off, it didn’t work. She knew it didn’t work but she had to try something, focusing on her hands trying to summon the power of Death waiting for those black veins that she saw adorn Lilith’s body multiple times to appear on her.  Nothing. Letting out a scream of defeat, the door leading into the kitchen flies open.

 “Where is she?”

 Faking tears, Ameretat looks up, “What took you so long! She’s gone Jinho! My sister, she’s gone!”

 Rushing over, pushing the crying woman out of the way, and cradling his wife in his arms. “No, Lilith, no.” Biting his wrist pressing it against her mouth trying to get her to drink.

 “Jinho it won’t work, she’s dead!”

 “Well do you have any other brighter ideas, if so please do share!” Out of frustration he begins to shake her, “Damnit Lilith, wake up!”

 “It won’t work, Jinho do something!”

 “Shut the hell up Ameretat, your useless chatter is not helping!” picking her, Jinho cradles Lilith as he shimmers away. Leaving Ameretat alone in the kitchen wiping away the tears, with a smirk on her face, laughing as others fill the kitchen still fighting.

 “So long sister.”